Got Ink?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. After two years, endless Google images searches, countless moments of indecision, and one of the longest hours of my life...IT HAS BEEN DONE. People, I have gotten my tattoo.


We Are Warrior: A Post-Christmas Post

Well, ho ho ho, it's all over now. The 25th has come and gone and we find ourselves on the other side of Christmas. 

And what a Christmas week it was! It was a glimpse of the both the Dark Side and the Light. As a distinguished Jedi master would say, Many things, I have learned. Some are things I should have already known or already do know, but which were reinforced by certain remarkable experiences:


Geek Out Moment of the Day (Part 2)

I knew it! I knew those corporate suits were geeks at heart! Above is a video of Darth Vader, a few Storm Troopers, and R2-D2 ringing the opening bell over at Wall Street earlier this week as representatives of Lucasfilm Ltd. I bet those stockbrokers and business people ate it all up--dude, I would have!

Seriously, if there is one set of films that gets my geek on, it's Star Wars. May the Force be with you always, George Lucas. You are a genius.

Geek Out Moment of the Day (Part 1)

Okay, okay. Trying hard not to choke with excitement here. But... Iron Man 2, guys! Come on!!

I'm not gonna be a poser and say I was a huge fan of the original comic book series or anything, but I loved the first movie, I love RDJ, and damn did Scarlett Johansson look hot or what! :D This is an awesome trailer. Here's to an awesome movie experience this May. 

Ultra 7 na toh! :)


On Friends and Birthdays

We came, we partied, and we went home wasted. Ah, 21. What a beautiful age to be. :)

I salute my friends! To the young man who had to be carried out by a bouncer. To the lovely young lady who could not keep her drinks down. To everyone who took a shot of tequila (or three or four or ten!), and to the girl who helped make sure everyone did. To the three people who made it happen. 

Awesome party. Again. :) It made me love my friends more and made me love my life more. There's just so much to celebrate! What a way to kick off Christmas break. Hugs to all the people who made it, and to all the people who couldn't. You all rock!!! :)

I'm a very happy birthday girl. :)


A Bit Emo, But So What

A poem I found in a lost place:


What WOULD Tyler Durden Do?

He'd ask you what you were doing with your life. If you were happy in your "condo existence," watching sitcoms all day, eating potato chips, subscribing to weekly magazines. He'd spout some stuff about how advertising has you believing that you are destined for greatness, but that you're not. He'd tell you that you're made of the same decaying crap that everything else is made of, that you are not special, that you will die.

He'd say that you are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. 

Then he'd probably pick a fight with you. You'd lose. And then you'd walk away, and probably never look back. 


The Value of Silence

We live in a noisy world.

Forget the birds; we wake up in the morning to the blare of car horns and the morning news, to the ringing of cell phones and alarm clocks. We are a people of talk radio and loud music. We are a society of interminable sound.

The cacophony of our lives consumes us. An hour, ten minutes, even a few moments without sound is almost unimaginable. Silence has become terrifying. I mean, picture it: a family eating in silence; a date where no one is talking; a night when the power is out. The accompanying emotion is always negative--tension, awkwardness, discomfort, even fear...


Toothbrush Exercise: My Legs Have Known the Pain of Death

Exercise and I really aren't meant to be friends. I went ahead and gave plyometrics a shot the other day, over at the Core Kinesis gym in Legend Villas (along Pioneer). A friend of mine gave me some gift certificates for free lessons, and I've been meaning to get some physical activity in (for health purposes, you understand), so I told myself, Okay, I've got some free time, why not?

Hidden within is the possibility of muscle pain. 


UAAP Presidentiables

So check it out. The Noynoy/Mar ticket is Ateneo. Gibo and Edu are La Salle. And Villar and Loren are both from UP--although I'm not entirely sure if they've confirmed their partnership (I haven't read the papers in a few days). I'm hearing drums!!! :D 


E is for Entourage

I love this show. It has got to rank among my top ten shows of all time, a list that includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer (shut up, haters!), How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and Gossip Girl, just off the top of my head. I love Entourage so much that the only reason I'm about two seasons behind the current episode is because my laptop is a complete snail when it comes to downloading stuff. Utterly useless. 

Utter awesomeness in action.

But I've recently finished season four, and just now started season 5, and I'm already hooked again. Damn you, Vincent Chase and your adorably curly hair! I love almost all the characters: I love Vinny cause he's Vinny; I love E cause he's so darn sensitive and caring; I love Ari because he's in the running for the biggest jerk in TV history; I love Turtle cause he's cuddly; and I love Lloyd cause he's a trip. I even love Sloane because she's crazy hot. I don't love Drama, though, I just like him sometimes--he annoys the crap out of me. 

But taken together, Entourage is a show for the ages, man. It's a guaranteed 30 minutes of awesomeness when I decide to sit down and watch an episode. And it never fails to make me miss the ole U.S. of A. 

Eep, I just love it. Okay, I'm raving. :D To end this senseless outpouring of excitement, here's our quote for the day:
"AQUAMAN is back!"
- Johnny Drama, Season 4 Finale
as he tosses raw fish onto Carl Ertz's car