Save Me, San Francisco

This is a private blog. It's for me, really--kind of like writing therapy--and having people read it just makes it have a nice bonus purpose. And so normally I don't do things like news updates or product reviews or anything like that. But I'm gonna make an exception for this one album that I think really deserves two thumbs up and five stars, because in my humble opinion, the songs in it are so incredibly beautiful. I just need to share it with you guys.


Gonna Need the Force for This One

Ah, Lent. That distinctly Catholic time of the year where meat looks that much more delicious (because you can't have it :p Isn't that so much like the rest of life? LOL). Now I was never the type--and I don't say this proudly, I'm just stating a fact--to participate particularly in the rituals of Lent. Fasting, abstinence, sacrifice, penitence, all those things--my family aren't exactly strict followers. We're more the kind of people who, while heartily eating pancakes and bacon, stop in mid-swallow to say, "Oh crap. It's Friday?"


Cheering Up 101

Ever been in a situation where someone you care about is down in the dumps and sees no way of getting out of there? When someone so close to your heart it's almost like he or she is physically a part of you gets disappointed, or disheartened, or loses hope? I mean, what do you do? Especially if what they are going through is an experience you've never had, so that when you try to make them feel better they can rightfully tell you, "But you wouldn't understand how I feel"? What's a girl supposed to do?


(Still) Learning to Drive

Is this another ditch? Damn, this is harder than I thought. Gotta remember to keep an eye out for the road signs, or else I'll find myself right here: never even knowing what hit me. Or what or who I hit.

I'm sorry again, car.


25 Days Before School Ends Forever

You know what? I so rarely write what I feel here. I'm always objectifying myself, distancing myself from my feelings and replacing them with thoughts... and, well, right now--at a time when I'm not supposed to have any time for frivolous activity because I should be preoccupied with school, school, school and all its dictates and obligations and deadlines and schedules--right now I just want to rant.