Just a link

Call it shameless plugging if you want--it kind of is, anyway--but check this out.  

Notes from the dugout: Boys on the side

Very close to my heart, and all. :)


  1. No shame in plugging at all. You are doing your fans/followers a service. :p Do you need an extra hard copy? Thanks to your early warning, was able to get it off the stands. There's just something about reading it off a published paper that gives more credence to the writer than just reading it off the web, don't you agree?

  2. Shamelessly plug away Jessica! Hope to read more from you not just here. On a side note, can you propose to my son also. He's only 6 though (almost 7 like Coach Gab's son!) Hahaha. :P - I would be a proud dad! Keep it up.

  3. You know, I should've told you this back in high school, but I really wish I could write like you.

    Heh, oh well. Can't have it all!

  4. nice strike jessica......:)

  5. ate jesica..nag shipping na po ba ung getblued?