And What A Week It's Been

You know how sometimes you have weeks that go by where you feel like you didn't do anything new or exciting or productive?

Well for me, this wasn't one of them.

From intense workouts at the gym (naks!) to press conferences to radio shows to meetings to renewed friendships to revived nights out to magazine articles to my first time in a Porsche to my first accident in a Porsche (minor! Don't sweat it. And disclaimer: I was totally not driving hehe) to the longest ever CGE TV taping we've had in a season and a half of airing... it's been quite a week, to say the least. 

And I'm happy. I'm tired and I need a drink like right now, but I'm happy. 

I never, ever want to say I didn't live my life to the fullest. It feels great to know that this week, I lived it well and full. Plus, the craziness of the last five days or so reminded me just how awesome the people around me are (you know who you be!). So here's a huh-yooge thanks to the Big Guy upstairs for all the good stuff that's happened and all that's yet to come. 

Tomorrow, I've got a radio show to do and a basketball game to cover, and on Sunday I've got 10 kilometers to run. And I've got all the rest of my life to live (am I sounding like a self-help book yet? Stop me if I am), and I intend to make it absolutely awesome. 

I shall start with that drink. :)


  1. and let's not forget, coming up with 2 blog entries within the same week after 3 months of silence. how's that for awesomeness? :)

    Let's drink to that indeed! Cheers!

  2. Just enjoy your life. Don't be too affected by the problems around you:) cheers!!

  3. It's really been a busy week for you!

    But at least you're having fun :)

    I could somehow say the same for me, except mine's filled with academic stuff and I'm a real procrastinator. :D

    But I got to drive almost everyday of the week and it was really awesome (coz my dad hasn't let me go into a driving school yet!).

    I wish I could share a drink with you! I wanna drink too! Hahaha!

  4. ..cheers!.. have a nice weekend.. God Bless.

  5. I'm sharing the same sentiments. Just recently, I got hired in my very first job ever, and it so fulfilling to earn my own money and being so productive. :)

  6. thanks for all your comments, guys!

    @parol14: i totally drank to that last night. haha

    @alfonso: 'preciate it, dude! :)

    @yuni: haha kewl! take care on the roads, yeah?

    @Lizzy: congrats! employment feels great! always do your best, okay? :)