From A Fan

Dear Margaret Atwood,
     I'll admit it: I've only read a few of your works. They probably weren't even your best, just your most commercial ones. Die-hard fans of yours would call me a poser. But even from what little I've read from you and the utterly insufficient experience I have in literature, I can tell that you are a master. Actually, I suppose you'd prefer the term mistress, but you get what I'm saying.
     You wield words like a sharp weapon, striking against submission, convention, and prejudice, and defending the woman and the human person from those who seek to bring them down. Your work is art in all its practicality. You are absolutely brilliant, and you inspire me as I'm sure you inspire thousands all over the world. If the impact I make on literature someday is a tiny fraction of what you've made today, then I can say I've succeeded as a writer ten times over.
     You do Canada proud, Ma'am. 

From, A Fan

Dear Stephen King,
     I read The Shining when I was about fourteen, and haven't stopped reading your work since. The only reason I can't say I've read everything you've ever written is because you've written a whole damn lot, but it's a goal of mine. 
     I think you're amazing. Your manage to take the elusive, dark, shadowy stuff just beneath the surface of our commonplace realities and give them shape, form, body, voice. You make us question intrinsic goodness and doubt the sureness and solidity of our worlds. 
     Now there are people who think that because you've written so much, you can't possibly be any good. They place you in the ranks of authors who churn out novel after novel without regard for the story, the plot, the characters. They think that quality and quantity cannot exist hand-in-hand, or worse, they think that quantity is quality.
     What these people don't realize is that you are that good. Your characters are dynamic, your settings convincing, your plots crazy enough to be real. In other words, you make some grade A quality shit, Sir, and you do it consistently. You're my favorite author in the world, and I hope to one day write one novel that I can say you'd enjoy reading. 

From, A Fan
Dear George R.R. Martin,
     I'm a relatively new fan of yours, having only recently read the first four books of your series A Song of Ice and Fire. It was in the top five of nearly every list titled "Best Fantasy Books" I found online. I had my doubts at first, but they were right: you're brilliant.
     Your plots are winding, your characters far from cliche, and the entire world of Westeros utterly gritty and down-to-earth. You make magic and dragons seem implausible and completely real at the same time. But what really made me a fan is your attention to detail. Every character, plot twist, and sentence is accounted for. It's weird how my favorite line of yours is in the acknowledgements section, when you wrote, "The devil is in the details, they say. A book this size has a lot of devils, any one of which will bite you if you don't watch out."
     That is absolutely on the money, Sir, and now I'm one of your legions of fans awaiting the next installment of details you're going to give us. I seriously can't wait, because I know it's going to be freakin' fantastic.
     No pressure, though. 

From, A Fan


  1. Dear Jessica Mendoza,

    For two years of becoming a loyal fan of your radio show together with Andi, I was one of those people that I would do anything just to uplift your spirit of making every listener's afternoon bright. And I'm very thankful that I could give support fir the two of the prettiest DJs of Magic 89.9. But behind these sweet words I sometimes post on your Facebook page, there's somehow a not-so-good outlook I had in life.. It's really not a big problem but personal. (based on my honest thoughts) Every time I look at my life to both of you, I always say this into my mind that I guess they were so happy that they're comfortable to what they're doing now. And because of that, I've set my harsh thoughts (minus the bad words) to describe how my life as a student right now. I know you've already graduated from Ateneo and you've surpassed all those mind-pounding, spirit breaking challenges you had when you were a part time student and DJ. To cut the story short, I'm really 'stressed' in dealing in my college life and I suck at managing my time NOT unlike you. If ever you'll read this comment, I'm looking forward for your next blog that would somehow ease all these bad vibes I had.. Thanks a lot and may you have a blissful career as a DJ and CgeTV host.. <3

    From, a Fan

  2. Hey Benedict, keep your chin up! The important thing is to work through the stress. Remember that it'll all be worth it in the end, as long as you do the dirty work, too. :) Take care, and thanks for always supporting!

  3. JESSICA, don't worry coz YOU are A literary MASTER in the making. I once read in a book back in elementary from an author named Og Mandino (he calls some of my collections "HAND OF GOD MADE BOOKS") about a youth, a young boy, deprived of alotta material things. but that boy, not him knowing at his early age, was adopted by a Master of a lot of things. He was taught and schooled little by little by his Master he considers HIS FATHER. But he had to work hard before he gets to school and learn something. He worked and studied hard the hardest way possible. Things were sometimes smooth, but lots of times very harsh and rough. But he kept going. Believing and having full faith in his MASTER. Until through constant studying from his MASTER AND HIS MASTER'S FRIENDS, his master told him, "I HAVE NOTHING MORE TO TEACH YOU. NOT THAT MUCH ANYMORE. YOU HAVE BECOME THE MASTER YOURSELF. AND WHEN HE SPEAKS, LIVES ARE CHANGED. AND SUNLIKE HE BECAME THE FIXED LUMINOUS CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE where lots of people cling, believe and abide by HIS WORKS for inspiration, wisdom, strength and all things that are good, just, truthful, godly and positive. And lofty dreams, ideals, visions and goals were realized, ONE after the otherS.
    And so shall YOUrS, JESSICA. experience after experience and continuous learning, relearning and unlearning. LIFE IS THE MOST MAGICAL AND MOST MAJESTIC UNIVERSITY. STREET AND SCHOOL SMARTS. ALL OF LIFE IS OUR MASTER, TEACHER AND STUDENT. I LOVE reading YOUr writing, TOO. SO MUCH. ~leo